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Until very recently that would apply to homosexual intercourse between parties of any age.I'm not really against the concept of statutory rape, but I do think that most civilized countries and many states set the age limit at around 16 for a reason.

Which seems to describe your friend to a T--"socially awkward and youngish." So remember, kids--instead of being flattered when you're in high school and someone college-age or older asks you out, think to yourself, "What is wrong with them that they're not dating people in their peer group?I have some friends who have a 16 year old daughter. He has also never dated, and had never even kissed a girl. We suspected they liked each other, but they denied it. He is very socially awkward and youngish, but a senior is college. Well over the months we noticed the 2 of them spending a lot of time together.I think if I were the parents I'd sit the girl down for a serious talk about the consequences of sex, including the legal consequences for him.A 16 year old girl dating for the first time may not know a lot of stuff.

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