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andy is protecting himself so well that its hard to tell whether he does like her or not.. In about episode 5 or 6 of We Got Married show, I found it was cute when Andy looked at the mirror in Solbi's room, to make sure he looked good..Solbi? I think I really do want to get married soon after all."After the moving confession from Andy, DJ Choi Hwa Jung and singer Kim Hyun Chul all agreed that "Andy is truly a filial son."Source: mydaily Chi trans: [email protected] Eng trans: [email protected][][news] Andy presents latest song Propose to Solbi Singer Andy will be singing his latest song Propose to Solbi on the 11 May episode on SBS's "Quiz! Andy and Solbi are currently playing a newlywed couple on MBC's We Got Married. ., hope the two are dating already...hahaha...

When my dad regained consciousness, he held my hand and told me "I'm sorry I couldn't do anything for you", after hearing that my heart was in even greater pain.""Although my dad woke up, but his health is still quite poor. Now I know how badly she wants to see me married."Andy even added, "When my mom sees me and Solbi on TV as if we're really married, she would laugh, and I'm happy to see that. Source: STARNEWSChi trans: [email protected] Eng trans: [email protected] @ saori's "i hate Don Don" but still using that nickname.there's gonna be a 100min special episode!!

its for a new MBC variety show as part of their new sunday night line up..

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Andy management company added that after the appearance were made in the program, CF invitations had increases. ive seen her on other variety shows in the past like jihwaza.. but i think this show really opened her up and shows how she truly is.. when they are recording and also when they are rewatching themselves.. When asked why she likes Andy, she replied “I like guys with nice butts, Andy has a nice butt.”When she was asked if she meets up with Andy outside of work, she confessed that “We really don’t. They are one my favorite couple in We Got Married show now. ..i can't wit for the next episodes of we got married... i just want him to admit it or close to itthat he likes her too.

We Got Married An Sol (Andy and Solbi) ep 21 part 1

Birth name: Lee Sun Ho (이선호)Born: January 21, 1981Origin: South Korea Genre(s): K-pop, Pop, R&B, rap Occupation(s): rapper, actor Years active: 1998 Present Label(s): SM Entertainment (1998-2003) Good Entertainment (2004-2007) ND Entertainment (2007-present)Associated acts: Shinhwa Solbi Birth name: 권선미 (Kwon Seon Mi)Born: September 30, 1984Origin: South Korea Genre(s): K-Pop Occupation(s): singer Label(s): Trifecta Entertainment, Inc Associated acts: Typhooncredits wiki----------------------i was surprised there wasnt already a thread for them..theyre together on mbc's We got Married! they really make everyone believe that they are really mean to each other. seeing this, i can tell that she's the kind of person who gives her 101% when she is in a relationship or when she falls in love...

its definately harder to tell than solbi's feelings.. The guests all laughed and made fun of them, but Solbi's sweet smile and contented expression once again made everyone suspect if they are really an item. ...i hope the will have a drama series together,, and many projrcts together,,i can't wait for the next episodes of WE GOT MARRIED.... :bleah :bleah :bleah watched already the 8 vs 1.and solbi was there.of the guests.looks interesting but it has no english subtitle.someone put english sub..the episode 9 of we got married.sad..i can't understand korean language. i really want to know what they're saying.,....please,,,please..please..thanks!

tho he has been opening up little by little every week.. During the recording for Sixth Sense Challenge, the guests had to choose their partners, and as the male guests were all trying to avoid a guy-guy pairing, MC Lee Kyung Gyu asked Andy, "Will you trust Solbi wholeheartedly? "No, but I'll use my song to express how I feel", and started singing Propose to Solbi. and i also hope that they love each other already..hahaha,,,that would be great!!!

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