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Given the value, rarity, and historical significance of the pieces, security was intense: 24-hour guards, closed-circuit television (CCTV) covering the entire display area, and motion sensors placed throughout the museum.The gems themselves were housed in thick cases of reinforced glass.December 1-3, 2002 Where: The Museon, The Hague, Netherlands Haul: million Thieves: Unknown Did they get away with it?Yes Throughout the autumn and early winter of 2002, the Museon at The Hague hosted a fabulous diamond exhibit of rarely seen jewelry from royal families and private collections around Europe.Yet while the museum was closed, thieves managed to get in and empty 6 of the 28 display cases.

You would expect that security measures would be pretty robust considering the value of items they are protecting but in some areas clearly not! Swiss, Belgian, and French police carried out a series of dawn raids yesterday and collared 33 people in connection with one of Europe’s most daring diamond heists—the theft last February of million worth of diamonds from a Zurich-bound jet preparing for takeoff at the Antwerp International Airport.The value of the missing jewelry was put at million—a figure experts believe is very low, given the uniqueness of some of the pieces.February 15-16, 2003 Where: Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Belgium Haul: 0 million Thieves: A gang from Turin, Italy Did they get away with it?No Labeled at the time as the “Heist of the Century”—even though the century then was a scant three years old—this caper saw an estimated 0 million worth of diamonds disappear from the vaults in the Antwerp World Diamond Centre in a robbery that was four years in the planning.An Italian gang from Turin, led by a man named Leonardo Notarbartolo, leased offices in the building and posed as diamond merchants to study the center’s security routines, layout, and alarm systems.

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