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Together they troop to Camp Bloodbath and meet stock characters like the cherry-popping horn-dog (Adam De Vine), the bubbly bimbo (a scene-stealing Angela Trimbur), the beautiful badass (Chloe Bridges), and of course the merciless murderer.In keeping with the slasher theme (for better or worse), the performances range from campy to wooden.

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Importantly, he does not possess "distorted" ideas about sex, according to the psychologist.

Thrown into this dangerous cinematic world, Max strives not only survive to the end credits, but also to bring her mom—in whatever incarnation—back with her.

Along for the journey is her would-be boyfriend (Alexander Ludwig), his jealous ex (Nina Dobrev), Max’s sassy BFF Gertie (Alia Shawkat), and Gertie’s horror fanatic brother (Thomas Middleditch).

As wide-eyed good girl, Nancy makes a heartbreaking foil to the mournful Max.

But while Akerman is engaging, Farmiga is delivering the same sullen performance we’ve seen her do on American Horror Story. Clunky performances aside, The Final Girls is a fun and funny ride that gleefully lampoons slasher tropes, like sex triggering bloodbaths, slo-mo close calls, and a seemingly invincible killer. Strauss-Schulson weaves a wild brand of humor into some gory gags.

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