Chelsea and daniel from caged dating

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While The Ultimate Fighter searches for the next Forrest Griffin, Caged gives you a real-life Tim Riggins."If you're into teen reality drama shows with a modicum of sports, this show is for you.Otherwise, MMA fans can skip the series which debuts Monday on MTV at 10 PM EST...Daniel and Dane spend a night out together as he confesses that he has difficulty relating to women, which he blames on his ADD. When he attempts to drop 14 pounds in 1 day to make weight by running and spending extended periods of time in a sauna, he starts to feel ill and is hospitalized. Daniel goes to the beauty salon to get his highlights in his hair done, where the girls tell him he needs to start dating.He asks out a waitress he meets and takes her on a date to a maze in a cornfield, which bores her.Tito Ortiz goes to watch the fights in Louisiana looking to discover new and previously unknown fighters.Daniel takes a girl on a date and bonds with her when she makes him feels validated for his ADD and OCDs, as she accepts his condition as her brother suffers from the same afflictions. Wesley quits drinking and starts training for the first time in his life, which leads him to choke out his opponent fairly easily, being in by far the best shape of his life.Danger tries to lead Karate Mafia, but no one really pays attention to him.

Minden, La., the town featured in “Caged,” doesn’t even have a bar that shows UFC fights so Branch and his buddies watched them in Paynes’ garage during their high school days.

We also see his conflict regarding his feelings towards his sister and mother.

The gang travels to New Orleans to watch Wes fight. He then loses his fight by decision on his son's birthday.

Branch doesn’t have the time or the money to train at a gym.

Instead he finds himself rolling around in backyards late at night after he gets off work.

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