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Aisya ada hati tapi soal-soal perkahwinan tidak pernah disentuh dalam persahabatan ini. Aku seorang lelaki tulen, penuh kelembutan, agak kacak (bukan aku cakap tapi makwe-makwe aku yang cakap), tinggi, ahli sukan dan orang penting di organisasi tempat aku bertugas. Aku teringat akan kisah yang berlaku 10 tahun yang lalu, ketika aku masih lagi di alam persekolahan.

2005 also saw the introduction of the V6 Turbocharged engine in the Aero.

Saab 9-7X: The Saab 9-7X mid sized Sports Utility vehicle was introduced by Saab in 2005, mainly for the American market.

It was available in 3 models, the Linear 4.2i, Arc 5.3i and later the Aero 6.0L before being phased out in 2009. Classic Saab 900: Introduced in 1979, this car has now gained somewhat of a cult following, reasons for this could include, unique styling, reliability, performance and a long life.

As well as the very brief model synopsis below, you will find a huge amount of information covering all models throughout the website, please use the menu bar above to navigate through the site.

Saab 9-2X: The Saab 9-2X was introduced to the Saab range in North America in July 2004 and was based on the Subaru WRX.

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