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On any given day, there are hundreds of instances of digital media sites releasing stories, then needing to purge them due to story updates, misinformation from sources, and editorial mistakes.

Depending on the reach of the website and importance of the piece, each second a false piece remains live could equate to a high-percentage loss of reputation.

CDNs with instant purging can help content owners achieve this.

As for CDNs without instant purging like Akamai and Amazon Cloudfront (see chart below), this equation probably can’t even be used for a given minute.

When setting up an Amazon S3 deployment in Deploy Bot, specify a valid Cloud Front distribution ID in the server settings: Deploy Bot will take care of the rest.

After each deployment it will send a list of changed files to invalidate to your Cloud Front distribution.

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Invalidating files ensures that your CDN always serves the latest versions of your files.

Exactly for this you can use our Amazon CDN file invalidation extension for Magento.

This extension did exactly what I expected and worked beautifully.

If you are using cloudfront CDN with magento ( if you are not usng you have to start up immediately) you know how hard the invalidation.

April 20, 2015 | Robert Gibb Instant purging has always been a key element of CDN as it allows enterprises to remove stale or unwanted content from the edge in a rapid fashion.

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