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This sounds more than enough to store your PHP application scripts, but there are caveats: When Opcache is "full" under some circumstances it will wipe all cache entries and start over from an empty cache.

When this happens and your server gets large amounts of traffic, this can cause a thundering herd problem or cache slam: lots of requests simoultaneously generating the same cache entries.

Since PHP 5.5 the Opcache extension is part of the core and adds support for byte-code caching of PHP scripts.This can be resolved manually by recycling the application pool, rebuilding the website in Visual Studio, saving the web.config file, or by adding a browser toolbar button to click on that will make an HTTP request to the cache-invalidation handler.This will refresh the website with the latest CRM data changes.You absolutely want to avoid Opcache to restart with an empty cache.The algorithm that detects whether opcache is "full" is depends on an unintuitive interaction between three different INI settings and is currently not documented.

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