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For example, the ice-breakers are typically stories that introduce the topic in some way.However, I think experiential learning is always much more effective, so I like to engage the students in an activity of some sort to introduce the subject matter, which means I have to come up with more creative introductions for each lesson.At that time, the whole package will definitely be 5 stars. The kit includes several things, but the core of it is a DVD containing three sessions where Greg Stier both trains and motivates teens to share their faith with their unsaved friends.He teaches them to first Pray for them, Pursue a relationship, and gently Persuade them into a relationship with Christ by taking opportunities to steer conversations toward spiritual matters.

Of course, each video includes a lesson guide that includes key scripture verses, illustrations, ice-breakers, stories, and discussion questions.

If he had the choice, he’d remove references to an e-team idea, but what’s published is published.

Check out my earlier post about the Go Wide Kit for a more detailed review. The word “confirmation” carries a lot of different meetings for different people in different denominations, but if you’re willing to strip away all that baggage, my denomination’s discipleship (confirmation) material really is quite excellent.

SUMMARY: The Go Wide Kit is an excellent tool for training teenagers to share their faith. It’s a small group discipleship experience for 7th and 8th graders that takes them through the entire Bible in 2 years — Old Testament one year, New Testament the next.

It gives them confidence to “bring God up” in normal conversations with their unsaved friends. Students are expected to complete journal work each day during the week where they interact with scripture and answer questions about how it connects with their daily life. highers discuss their journal work and learn more about the next major event or theological issue in the Bible.

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