Dating customs in cambodia

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Refugees Government upheaval, destruction, and indiscriminate killings throughout Cambodia became a way of life for those who remained.

Since 1979 and the end of Pol Pot's rule, which completely halted education of any kind, Khmer language and literature have been revived both within schools and in the press (Vickery, 1990).Some struggles ended when France established its protectorate over Cambodia in 1863.When Cambodia gained its independence from France in 1953, Prince Norodom Sihanouk ruled the country as an autocracy and continued to rule until 1970.The term "autogenocide" was coined to characterize the savage acts committed by fellow Cambodians.The Vietnamese ousted the Khmer Rouge in 1979, ending the reign of terror that has been likened to the Nazi holocaust (Kinzie et al., 1984).

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