Dating for 1 year

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If it's a trip, one of you researches hotels, flights or driving routes and costs; the other investigates restaurants, attractions and events.

Spend an evening putting your information together, and book it. Reflect and note how you've grown and grown together.

Seriously, is anyone going to date a man whose username is MISTERBIGSTICK? I did some really stupid things including one very large pratfall in a crowded and rather fancy restaurant. Fair is fair and the goal was never to make the blog an attack on men. Many told me they followed along because it gave them insight into what women were thinking. Were many of the men I'd encountered simply unaware of the things they were doing wrong?

In all caps, by the way, because surely one should shout that information. The endless supply of shirtless men snapping pics with their cell phones in bathroom mirrors. Maybe they had recently divorced and were out of practice?

Oxytocin in women and its male counterpart vasopressin are produced to create long-term bonding, and if they are not chemically compatible, the relationship can end.

If you've been dating a year, it is indeed something to celebrate. Build a photo album together on an afternoon off, physically visit some of the places you had wonderful dates or even post their website links on your favorite social networking page.

In high school, I scribbled a quote from a book by F.

Scott Fitzgerald on my bedroom walls: "Very few things matter and nothing matters very much." Now I finally understand what that Zen-like saying actually means.

A variety of chains now offer luxury reclining seats, waitstaff and up to gourmet level meals right at your side. Dinner at an unusual place like a restaurant on top of a mountain or high-rise building with a view is a grand way to mark an occasion. Talk about something you both enjoy doing, and divide the things that need to be done.The Frisky: 25 Things Women (Maybe) Don't Know About Men This whole experience has definitely been weird for me: I'd been single for the past two years and now I share a sock drawer and a toothbrush holder with someone.I've been thinking a lot lately about how much things have changed in the last year:1. The other serious relationships that I had before David were pretty brief: one was nine months and one was six months.There was the man who "demonstrated" how his feisty former girlfriend would pull his chest hair.He did so by reaching across the table and pinching my breast. Another man took me to his apartment after three dates and failed to tell me he had roommates -- a herd of roaches. My date justified his stinginess by explaining that a gratuity was optional in Europe.

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