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Yet a century of fossil exploration has failed to do that."Darwin set aside most of the fossil evidence for evolution with the proposal that it was massively incomplete.But there were polemic rather than scientific reasons for this attitude because he insisted on gradualistic evolution which most fossils did not substantiate.

For a bas-relief mount, technicians clean off the best side of the skeleton, strengthen the other side with plaster, and then fasten the slab to the wall.More, The Dogma of Evolution, also presented in a series of lectures delivered at Princeton University."The fossil record doesn't even provide any evidence in support of Darwinian theory except in the weak sense that the fossil record is compatible with it; just as it is compatible with other evolutionary theories, and revolutionary theories, and special creationist theories and even ahistorical [nonhistorical] theories."Contrary to popular myths, Darwin and Lyell were not the heroes of true science . Paleontologists have paid an exorbitant price for Darwin's argument.In addition, there is nothing inherent in the fossils or the strata by which to date any of the rocks or their contents.*Charles Darwin recognized in his time that the fossil evidence was lacking for the origin of species and their transition from one species to another.But he said that later fossil discoveries would vindicate his position.

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