Emo or end of month dating is the same as

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Some describe it as a cult or a sect, but in reality the term — derived fromthe word "emotional" — encapsulates a trend that is becoming hugely popularamong Britain's schoolchildren.

In 2002/03 there were 11,891 suchadmissions; in 2006/07 this had risento 15,955.Hannah was a happy 13-year-old until she became an 'emo' - part of a sinister teenage craze that romanticises death. Here, her devastated mother tells other parents: No child is safe On the night before she died, she came into their room, kissed her father Raymond on the cheek and cheerfully told him: "I love you, Dad." The following day Hannah's mother Heather went to check on her daughter and found her hanging by a tie from the top rail of her bunk bed. She screamed for her husband to come, but try as he might it was too late: there was simply nothing that he could do to save Hannah's life.In the unending bleakness of the weeks that have followed, the couple have fought to make sense of what happened.While there is a multitude of reasonsfor this epidemic (exam-related stressand bullying to name but two), it ishardly surprising that the emergenceof a sub-culture that appears toglamorise self-harm and even suicideis being regarded with alarm.Inevitably, criticisms of emo cultureare laughed off by those who considerthemselves to be at the heart of it.

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