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Dating sims really took off with the rise of affordable PCs in the mid-’90s.At the same time, the chronically underfunded anime industry imploded under demands to produce hit TV series like “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” a rare bright spot in a recessionary market.Illusion acquiesced, erasing references to the game on its website, and Amazon and e Bay put a halt to sales.Thanks in part to the controversy, Japanese lawmakers have recently proposed a bill that would outlaw underage pornography, including its animated forms.But fans say the close-ups of flat anime characters actually look better than slicker polygon imagery.

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“We’ve been bringing out some really awesome games, which have done extremely well in the Japanese marketplace…

TOKYO — Ever since she was a small child, Chinatsu Kurahana has loved to draw. “I work on dating simulation adventure games for women,” Kurahana says.

These days she creates beautiful anime-style men for popular computer games like “Lamento” and “Togainu no Chi.” Since she became an established freelance illustrator three years ago, her characters have won accolades in Japan and abroad. “There aren’t many things that make women happy, so I want to make some.” Dating simulator games are one small corner in the wide world of Japanese “otaku.” Most take the form of “bishoujo” (beautiful girl) games for the PC.

In essence, dating simulators are interactive visual romance novels.

Dating simulation market worth Y25 billion The 25 billion yen dating simulation market comprises some 200 makers who account for 400 brands.

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