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However, there are many ways to collect information within the software engineering community.

The purpose of this paper is to explore these methods and to understand when each is applicable toward our understanding of the underlying software development process.

The service is similar in scope to End Note or Ref Works or any other reference manager like Bib Te X, but it is a social bookmarking service for scientists and humanities researchers.

In computer science, data validation is the process of ensuring that a program operates on clean, correct and useful data.

Experimentation is important within science for determining the effectiveness of proposed theories and methods.

However, computer science has not developed a concise taxonomy of methods applicable for demonstrating the validity of a new technique.

It presents five ways in which debaters have conceptualized experiments in computing: feasibility experiment, trial experiment, field experiment, comparison experiment, and controlled experiment.

This paper has three aims: to clarify experiment terminology in computing; to contribute to disciplinary self-understanding of computing; and, due to computing’s centrality in other fields, to promote understanding of experiments in modern science in general.

The rules may be implemented through the automated facilities of a data dictionary, or by the inclusion of explicit application program validation logic.Questions about the relevance of experiments in computing attracted little attention until the 1980s.As the discipline then saw a push towards experimental computer science, a variety of technically, theoretically, and empirically oriented views on experiments emerged.An evaluation of over 600 papers published from 1985 through 1995 shows that the 12 methods can be effectively applied to research papers, and we provide some observations of how well the research community validates its claims in these papers. Experimentation Experimentation and data collection are needed to evaluate practices within the software engineering community as a means to understand both software and the methods used in its construction.Data collection is central to the NASA/GSFC Software Engineering Laboratory, the Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS) located at Rome Laboratories and the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

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