Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

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Even with FMS it's not a simple process and often causes as many issues as it solves.For non-hosted solutions, often the best way to install a plugin was to run a full installer, which needed to quit File Maker Pro and re-open your solution after the fact.

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To manually install, place the plugin file in the proper location for the context in which you wish to use the plugin.

Now, version 12 offers a completely new way to install and update plugins which solves a lot of the previous issues and hopefully allows plugins like our free File Maker plugin to gain more widespread adoption.

You can now query plugin version and install state from within File Maker, and load plugins directly from container fields.

One great bonus feature for server side processing is that you can even update a plugin on the server, from within your server side script.

There is a checkbox for this in the Server Admin Tool ( shown below ).

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