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Just as you moment for a first kiss — avoid a moment that could turn into something awkward.If you gaze into your date’s eyes and lean in slowly, you’ll get your answer right away whether or not your date’s ready for the kiss.Pay close attention to their body language throughout the date, and before you go in for the kiss.

Try to keep your lips soft, and strictly avoid puckering like you would in the event that you were kissing a family member.

On the off chance that your partner seems responsive, you can move forward to French kissing. The noise might be occupying, and may break your drenching in the moment.

On the off chance that you do end up smacking, slow down and part your lips a bit more. Avoid crushing your lips against your date’s mouth — until further notice.

Give a sincerest compliment to the other person that you can think of.

In the event that you hit the nail on the head, the other person may take the lead and lean in to kiss you. Lower the volume and tone of your voice slightly, and lock eyes.

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