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We knew we had to watch them like hawks to prevent any shenanigans, but we did not want to have to sit in the room with them. If you purchase the app and all of it's optional features, it's .00.So, we needed a better quality video camera, and preferably one that we could talk through . You guys, my prayers were answered by this AMAZING POST by a wonderful blog, Joyful Abode, wherein the blog's author shared all about a wireless video camera that you can pair with an i Phone app to use a baby monitor. The wireless camera the app = the best video baby monitor on the planet . Now, I am not going to tell you how to set up your camera and app. I followed her installation instructions and had NO problems whatsoever.Our girls are now 3 years 3 months old and they have only gotten out of bed ONE TIME. I am not sure what exactly motivates them to stay in bed, since we have not “threatened” taking their pillows away after the first couple of days. Maybe they would have stayed in bed no matter what we said. I just know I was super worried about it and it was the easiest transition ever.If you want info on the camera and app we use, shoot me an email.We positioned it directly over our twin girls' cribs and it worked reasonably well, until it broke about a year into using it. Again, it worked reasonably well, though the screen did crack and made it more difficult to see the picture.

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We also gave them each a pillow when they moved into their toddler beds, which they thought was AWESOME.I think the key is that we have an awesome camera in their room and pair it with an i Phone app.It allows us to see them so clearly (sooooooooooo much better AND cheaper than the baby video monitors) and we can talk through it.We explained that pillows are for big girls and big girls STAY IN BED until we come to get them.If they got out of bed, we would have to take their pillows for that nap/night time.

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