International dating security

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Someone the woman can confide in,' say Bill Mc Mahon, Security Manager with Thai Love Lines.

This warning comes as the scammers who target international dating sites have switched their tactics in Thailand.

But there is a second danger as Bill Mc Mahon explains: 'Many men on Thai Love Lines and Thai women became very suspicious understandably and often they lose confidence in the process entirely after coming in contact with these entities, I tell all our users, who I speak with, that this activity targets all international dating sites and that at anytime perhaps under 1% of online users may be suspect but unfortunately, it is this 1% that is more active.

However the important thing for users to know is that once they are aware and heed our advice, they are perfectly safe and have nothing to lose.' The irony is that Thai women dating online who become insecure about the online dating process lose the opportunity it presents for a life changing relationship and the exploration of new horizons.

Since she started dating online she has been visited by two different men from foreign countries at her home in Thailand's Roi Et province in the north eastern Thailand or Isaan, the region where over 65% of Thai women who marry foreign men originate. Sukanya is pretty but she is not as attractive as many of the other Thai women online and she is a little older.

We recommend at least one partner, this could often by a sister, aunt or even mother.

The internet has emerged as a uplifting resource for most Thai women.

Studies in Thailand show women leading the online race for dating, education and social interaction ahead of Thai men. Sunkanya has been dating online for over five years now. In both instances her visitor didn't stay more than a few days before moving on to the latest town or back to Bangkok.

There are now many online groups involving networks of Thai women who are working together online to combat these operators.

'We received at least one tip off a week from Thai women who sometimes are on the lookout for these operators, ' says Mc Mahon.

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