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Now I love touching myself, especially alone in the shower or even walking around the house naked when I’m alone.

I love making my nipples hard and I’ve discovered my clitoris.

How do you decide if your self-pleasuring habit is an unhealthy compulsion Does it interfere with your daily life, activities, responsibilities, or relationships? Desiring sexual stimulation and release is part of being human. Women our age commonly experience decreased sensation.

It can be difficult to get enough stimulation to reach orgasm.

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Chatting with an underage person is as bad as being underage.

Maybe it’s because it makes her scoot her ass up in the bed! And then we wonder why women don’t make those same sounds when they are with us….

Andrea calls her vibrator “Scooter”, but she’s not sure why. Women know how to masturbate in dozens of different ways… It’s about watching her “oh face” when she screams out in ecstasy!

I’ve only been using my fingers and I’d like to try a vibrator – frankly, my arm and fingers get tired!

I think I’d find it embarrassing going into a sex shop. Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing for so long how to achieve sexual pleasure.

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