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Assignment to these roles is made by clicking on Site Setting in the upper right corner of the report server site; next click on the Security link from the left menu.Local and active directory groups and users can be assigned to either of these roles; however SQL Server logins cannot.In the Group or User name textbox, enter the group or user name (prefixed with the appropriate domain if needed).Next, the appropriate role or roles must be selected and then last, click OK.Security consists of two main components: security and access at the Report Server level and authentication and permission at the data source level.Within this tip, we will cover Report Server Permissions first and then move on to database level security.For Folder Settings, login to the report server (/Reports by default).

If I add an user just to that folder - w/o adding it in the the HOME folder security - then that user will get the same error message as in the OP's description.

One of the solutions ( also mentions a "Folder Settings" area where you can specify roles for a user - "Content Manager," "Publisher," "Browser," "Report Builder," and "My Reports" - but I don't see a way to navigate to this section anywhere. SSRS has 2 security/role sections available in the web GUI: Folder Settings and Site Settings.

The navigation path to get to each is kind of weird.

Moving beyond the system level roles, permissions must also be applied at the folder and report level on the Report Server.

Similar to the System Assignments, a local or active directory user or group can be assigned to one or more roles.

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