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Reports say that on August 4, Aaron Felde, 22, sent a Facebook friend request to a fake Facebook profile investigators set up purporting to be that of a 14-year-old girl.

Investigators say that the conversation between the suspect and the girl quickly became sexual, and that the man even asked the "girl" to invite a pre-teen friend along to join them for group sex.

Additionally, a large number of people charged with computer sex crimes are caught as a result of online stings by undercover law enforcement and child exploitation task forces.

Such operations must be carefully conducted within legal protocols to avoid entrapment.

There are a lot of ways to win a criminal case--and there are a lot more ways to lose them.

Call now or submit the confidential online case review form for a free consultation about your case.Both state and federal laws strictly prohibit and punish internet sex crimes, and viewing or distributing child pornography or soliciting a minor online can lead to significant prison terms and sex offender registration.Being accused of a computer sex crime should never be taken lightly.Even if no sexual contact occurs, viewing or sharing illegal images, engaging in sexual conversation with a minor, or soliciting minors via technology can have lifelong ramifications for those accused.Sometimes, the anonymity of the internet can make it easy to seem like a person’s acts are not really harmful, and can make it difficult to resist the lure of illicit images or conversations.

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