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Love Matters India — a bilingual sexual health platform boasting the elderly sex expert Auntyji, a web series called Chaddhaji, a podcast and animated videos — has two million visitors per month and receives about 200 questions a day including the recent: "Will having sex hurt my religion?

" "Some doubts are based on myths and misconceptions prevailing in our society," says Vithika Yadav of Love Matters India.

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Particularly popular among its audience of 17-to-35-year-olds is a podcast titled 'Jeep mein beep, Dil mein dhak dhak', which talks about an older woman falling in love with her driver, both married and another one in which a boy recalls how his first girlfriend taught him how to kiss.

Here, all the kids were reciting a nursery rhyme that goes "Heads, shoulder, knees and toes" when his son chimed in with: "penis, vagina", leading to embarrassed looks from fellow parents.

"I thought this awkwardness was unnecessary," says Patil, who decided to research and package the issue in an entertaining story "the way filmmaker Raju Hirani does".

Recently, though, C K Mishra, secretary, health and family welfare, launched an app called 'Saathiya Salah' which breaks down everything from puberty to masturbation in Hindi.

Unlike the shifty male teacher in the video — who erases the first half of the term 'homogeneous' from his blackboard — this app is part of the ministry's new health resource kit which says it is normal to "feel attraction" for the same sex.

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