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The only evidence of social separation is the outside lavatory at the end of the kitchen extension. The subject – his rooms at 47 Maple Street and Mrs Mounter, his landlady – is evidence of how things changed in the 120 or so years between the work of the builder and that of the painter.One guesses the age of the house from the proportion of the windows and narrow glazing bars.The light in the rooms facing the yard is but spare, but the whole house is comparatively low.Also, as regards the front, the buildings from the end of the 19th century differ from those of the beginning.Today rising house prices have brought a wave of newcomers among us.They find themselves in a stratum of the available architectural genres that is, in various ways, not adequate to their needs.These are the requirements of an average London house.We bought just such a swarthy little house, backing on the railway, with its trumpery and a projecting kitchen wing, a couple of years after we got here.

Even at the time Rasmussen’s view of English society must have seemed old-fashioned.

The plasterwork in a grand building may have been preserved, but has to fight it out with smart new office desks.

Smaller domestic interiors may preserve an undatable ceiling rose or clumsy chimneypiece, things covered in the estate agent’s prospectus by the phrase ‘many original features’.

One possible move, made famous in the 1960s by Alan Bennett’s String-Alongs, is to ‘knock through’, making a single large living room by joining an existing set of front and back rooms on the ground or first floor.

As that cuts the actual number of rooms, excursions are then made into the loft with an anxious tape-measure to determine how many square feet of standing room can be won. A more recent trick has been to incorporate the yard beside the kitchen extension into the extension itself, conjuring a big room (what a neighbour of ours called her ‘ballroom’) out of one or two smaller ones and a dingy backyard. Town planners, always keen to preserve profiles and details, presumably worry less about new basements than new UPVC glazing bars.

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