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Transient males have been verified in Minnesota, With its vast range across the length of the Americas, P.concolor has dozens of names and various references in the mythology of the indigenous Americans and in contemporary culture.Marcgrave's rendering was reproduced by his associate, Dutch naturalist Willem Piso, in 1648.

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The cougar was originally thought to belong in Felis (Felis concolor), the genus which includes the domestic cat.

It is the second-heaviest cat in the New World, after the jaguar.

Secretive and largely solitary by nature, the cougar is properly considered both nocturnal and crepuscular, although there are daytime sightings.

Currently, it is referred to as "puma" by most scientists "Puma" is the common name in Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries but the cat has many local or regional names in the United States and Canada, of which cougar, puma, mountain lion, and panther are popular.

Other names include catamount (probably a contraction from "cat of the mountain"), mountain screamer, and painter.

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