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NET Framework only when it is required — in other words, when a . This approach is particularly useful when you do not know the exact software configurations of the computers you will be deploying to, and hence do not know if the . For example, if you are an independent software vendor (ISV) developing and packaging your smart client application for sale to a wide variety of customers, you may not know whether or not your customers' computers have the . Family Id=5B7C6E2D-D03F-4B19-9025-6B87E6AE0DA6&displaylang=en. As you design your smart client applications, you should consider how those applications will be deployed.

Wherever possible, you should try to minimize the system impact of any installation.

This schedule allows the computers to retrieve updates without delays and at the same time, avoid overloading the Server with unnecessary queries.

To avoid that, either delete the task in the parent group or disable its scheduled start.NET Framework itself, and then examines how to deploy smart client applications based on the . There are a number of options for deploying your applications, and each is discussed, followed by a discussion in selecting the method most appropriate for your environment. NET Framework to function, and therefore require it to be deployed on the client computer. You can also obtain the redistributable package from a product CD or DVD. NET Framework SDK, and on the Microsoft Visual Studio® . The executable file starts Install.exe, which performs platform checks, installs Windows Installer version 2.0 if necessary, and then starts the Windows Installer package (file).Finally the options for deploying application updates are examined in some detail. For more information about using Dotnetfx.exe, see ".In the Properties section of the update task properties you can configure copying updates into a separate folder.This mode can be used for creating an update source in small networks or subnets without Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server.

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