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But not just any underwear – my black, lacy and extremely revealing (but surprisingly comfy) Ann Summer’s lingerie.

You know the kind, the full-body type used on nights when you want to impress.

My boyfriend’s mum is possibly the most caring, thoughtful person I’ve ever met and much too innocent to have two teenage sons.

My boyfriend (let’s call him Adam) once told me how he’d watched his mum knock over his bedroom bin, only for an avalanche of white tissues to spill out onto the floor.

He says if I give him that, he’ll give me anything and everything I need. I haven’t really given him any because I just think it’s weird that that’s all he wants?

The small talk between Adam’s mum and I was pretty uncomfortable for a while and I was reluctant to be left alone in a room with his parents.

She put the pile down on his chair and said, “Oh, by the way Charlie, you left something here last time you were around.

Don’t worry, I’ve, um, washed it.” My eyes darted to the chair and there, lo and behold, was my underwear.

I honestly would rather her have found a condom or caught us half-undressed.

She walked back out of the room, avoiding my eyes, while my cheeks burned red and Adam stifled a laugh, half amused and half embarrassed that his mum had found out he’d been having sex and, by the looks of things, kinky-dressed-up-in-lace-and-suspenders kind of sex. Knowing that I was doing two person push-ups with her son, Adam’s mum started acting really weird around me.

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