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Linux has been developed over the last 20 years by numerous companies and currently runs on millions of computers. We pre-install a broad set of popular and necessary applications including Email, Web Browsing, Photos, Video Phone, Games, Music & Video Playing and a Digital Picture Frame Screensaver. Almost everything a standard computer can do on the Internet also can be done with your WOW! Many customers love to read the newspaper in large print, check the weather, get driving directions, go shopping online, use the many services available on sites like Yahoo and Google and learn about topics that interest them. Computer has the necessary software pre-installed to handle all of these file types. It also includes software for spreadsheets and slide presentations. Computer - just plug the USB cable from your printer into the WOW! We chose Linux to avoid frequent problems with viruses and to provide a more secure, problem-free computer environment. Computer is designed as a family or personal computer. Computer has an integrated word processor that lets you write, edit, save and print your own text documents.

That goal simply isn’t possible if we allow thousands of different applications to be installed as with standard computers. For example, email and web browsing would be noticeably slower and video chat may be too choppy to enjoy. So lets look at some options we have within the settings in the client itself So looking at the image you can see we have a few few options for when we exit or open a game through their client First nothing to special here we see when I click X at the top of the window do this "choose choice from drop down menu.I would recommend exit so you don't have the service always running on your PC.So this tutorial isn't going to be a deep networking tutorial, or how to fix problems with your internet connection, nope.This tutorial will be aimed towards problems that can happen with the actual client itself that can cause the actual client itself to fail to download a patch or the entire game itself.

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