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Ahhh, the first date—it’s something we’re bound to forever cherish.

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He called Ben Carson a child molester, but then appointed him to be Director of HUD. Trump said whatever soundbite could be chanted or repeated easily, just like "Heil Hitler." I've just discovered that even smart people have an amazing capacity for self-deception.

I’ve always believed if a guy makes it past a third date, he could possibly be boyfriend material.

To me, that’s because date #1 will tell you whether there’s a mutually magnetic attraction; date #2 equals a basic “interview;” and date #3 is when people tend to start showing who they really are.

Step out, and enjoy gourmet catered hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and a variety of voluntary ice breaker activities to get the conversation going.

After we meet, eat, and greet, we will be entertained by Spiritual Comedian and Mentalist, Dr. Spiritually Savvy Singles is an outreach of NUMINOUS.

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